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Fight efforts to suppress voter turnout in Pennsylvania! - Pennsylvanians for Obama

dabroots posting in Pennsylvanians for Obama
User: obama_pa (posted by dabroots)
Date: 2011-06-09 12:41
Subject: Fight efforts to suppress voter turnout in Pennsylvania!
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The Pennsylvania House of Representatives plans to vote early next week on an expensive bill that will make it extremely difficult for many state residents to cast their ballots.

Pennsylvania Republicans are pushing for legislation that will require voters to show a government-approved photo ID in order to obtain their ballot.

According to a New York University study, there are an estimated 4 million people in Pennsylvania who do not have photo identification. Students, the working poor, the elderly, racial minorities, and people with disabilities are twice as likely to not have the approved forms of ID this legislation will require. This bill will create serious obstacles for these voters, many of whom are likely to vote Democratic.

This is another Republican strategy to stall progress and suppress democratic freedoms. If this voter ID bill succeeds, it will keep scores of Democratic voters away from the polls in 2012.

To voice your opposition to this bill that would suppress voter turnout, click Stop Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania.
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